Toenail Fungus Cures That Work – Best Cures For Toenail Fungus

Are you ready to get rid of that funky looking fungus growth on your toenails? Do you need relief from the physical pain that toe fungus can cause? Are you ready to put up a winning fight against your embarrassing toenails?

The best way to control THE fungus is prevention! Always keep your nails trimmed short and wear all natural cotton socks and wear breathable shoes as toenail fungus Fungus Clear thrives in damp areas of your feet

If you have toenail fungus then here are a few things you can do to help with the cure. After showering or bathing make sure you use your towel only once on the fungus area, then launder the towel.

If showing signs of the fungus then never share a towel or a wash cloth with anyone else as this is a good way to spread the fungus. Immediately get rid of any toilet paper or paper towels if you have used them in the infected area. Never use nail polish on infected toenails as this will aid the fungus in its growth.

If you are using a treatment on your feet and want the most effective penetration then make sure your nails are filed thin. Also try eating less sugar as it will help in your efforts for a toenail fungus cure.

There are internal medications that can be used in your battle against nail fungus that are effective but can be very expensive. Some of these medications can push the $1,000.00 range and can come with some nasty side effects such as upset stomachs, headaches and in some cases cause liver damage. If you are on other medications they may not mix with your toenail fungus medication and can only be obtained with a doctors prescription.

If you are trying to cure toenail fungus and have been using home remedies such as vinegar and Listerine foot baths then you know that they just cannot do a good and lasting job. Having battled nail fungus for a long time and trying many home remedies such as tea tree oil, vinegar foot baths, vicks and many other home concoctions it is very clear that they will not cure toenail fungus. Almost all of these methods initially showed signs of progress but had no lasting result as the fungi always made a return.

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