Prostate Health and ED

The prostate gland has seminal (or I should say semen-al) importance in the overall health of men especially the health of the urinary tract and sexual glands.

The Prostate has been called the “second heart of man,” by some Russian Scholar who liked wax poetic about the walnut sized organ that surrounded the urethra just under the urinary bladder. He probably came up with this illusionary description after realizing that only male species on this planet seem to have one of these little heart shaped organs.

Prostate’s name is derived from “Prostates” which is Greek “for one who stands before” or “shield”, referring its role in men’s sexual performance. During a male orgasm, the prostate excretes an alkaline fluid before the semen in released. This secreted fluid helps protect the sperm as it travels through the female urinary track on its quest to find the egg. The prostate also contribute to procreation by using its properties as a smooth muscle to help push out the semen during ejaculation.

In order to function properly, the Prostate depends upon the male hormone: dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in prostate protocol reviews 2021 order to work properly. Coincidently, DHT is also the male hormone that is responsible for male pattern baldness, but most scientists can only speculate about the association between male pattern baldness and prostate problems.

The older men get, the greater the chances of them suffering from BPH (pronounced Bffff) which is acronym for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia which is a fancy medical term that refers to the enlargement of the prostate. (Okay, it really isn’t pronounced “bffff” but you probably know that. You have probably seen the commercials about men having a “growing problem”. So anyways…)

An enlarged prostate can cause a host of difficulties in older men including the feeling having to pee every other minute, even after they just went, as well difficulty urinating, producing a weak stream that barely dribbles out. Sometimes, peeing becomes impossible and surgery is needed. Fifty percent of men over the age of 40 have an enlarged prostate and three quarters of men over 50 ends up suffering from it. BPH may also be a precursor to prostate cancer so a prostate checkup form a doctor (you know how that works) is a necessary procedure that all men 40 and older should undergo every several years.

Sexual problems associated with the prostate

Since the prostate is vital for ejaculation, a healthy prostate equals a better orgasm; In fact, the prostate is so linked to the male orgasm that many men can achieve orgasms via direct stimulation of their prostate gland. Alpha reductase inhibitors which are taken to help with BPH have also been known to cause a lower sex drive and ejaculatory response in some men.

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