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The Google blog service is a very important service that was introduced by Google in 2003. Google is the largest web search engine in the world and is doing a huge service. Google also provides many other services to its users; the Google Blog is a well known service. The blogs are hosted at a sub-domain of Google BlogSpot. Through this service the common people can create their own blogs that are made freely available to everyone in the world. Many educational institutes have developed their own blogs where students visit to get information about what is happening there. In this way people get in touch with each other and with the news of their institute.

Google blogs are very simple to create. You simply have to sign in through your Gmail account and choose Google blogs on the home page. Google provides different tools to create and edit the blogs. Pages can be easily uploaded or downloaded using the simple web tools . Google provided different kinds of templates and services in this regard. Relevant ads are placed alongside by the Google.

This service has been highly useful for many students who have made their own blogs and share it with others. In this way a portal has been provided to the budding authors who earn by writing blogs. In this way this is a kind of part time job for them. The blogs are available in various languages including English, Urdu, and Arabic, Portuguese, German, French, Hindi, Chinese and many others. You can create a blog in the language of your own choice.

Moreover many customization options are available. You can change the font, color, style and type of your script. Certain options of putting a comment and sending the blogs via mail to the subscribers have also been provided. In this manner you can share the blog with your other friends via mail. Also you can create archives that can easily be retrieved from the net. In this way you can not only benefit from the recent work but also enjoy the previous one.

Recently all the blogs have been placed at the Google servers which mean now a better and reliable back end is available. Also new features have been incorporated in the editing interface that has the blogger service more users friendly. New web feed options are available which are efficient and easy to use. Additional features include several new options for viewing, editing and tagging.

By using all these features the users can create unlimited number of blogs. Additional storage space of 1 GB has been provided for adding pictures using the Picasa Web albums, and each individual page of 1MB can be easily created. Also with the help integration with Google Ad Sense and Amazon people can easily generate revenue. The blogs can be easily edited online and offline with the help of Microsoft Word.

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