What’s it Take to Create a Profitable Blog?

Blogs and blogging have taken off through out the world, as a means of personal expression, as a tool to discuss topics and products, and as a device to assist in creating traffic and search engine optimization. All of which could have a positive fiscal impact for the blog writer. Yet, it is widely believed that relatively few bloggers actually make money with blogs.

Why is that? Well clearly for some the goal is not financial, but in many cases it’s not that the blogger doesn’t want to make money through their blogging efforts. It’s that they are not going about it in the right way pii_email_ca406694fa91d858906c . And that’s a shame.

So what’s required? The first step is to decide that you actually do want to monetize your blog. Don’t be bashful about it. Other media outlets make millions, think ABC, NBC, CBS, your local newspaper and radio station. They all provide news and information and entertainment. And they are not bashful about their advertising and economic pursuit. You shouldn’t be either.

Once you’ve decided to “go for the green” it’s important to think about what that means to your blog. It may mean that you have to turn your attention away from yourself. Your blog will likely need to be based not just on you and your interests, but those of your intended audience. It’s wise to pick a specific targeted audience that your blog will appeal to. Typically, most profitable bloggers focus on a niche that interests them and in which they already have a base of knowledge.

This isn’t required of course, you can always explore a new field, but it should be one in which you are genuinely interested and are willing to learn about. Now a key secret to creating a profitable blog is to talk about profitable blogging topics. This requires research. You need to find not only a topic of interest to you, but one in which your potential audience has specific needs that can be met through one or more affiliate product you will be able to promote to them.

This ultimately requires the profitable blogger to learn about keyword research. Identify terms that the market will most likely use when searching for information on your topic. Many researchers find the free Google Keyword tool to be an excellent starting point in this process. Once you understand what your potential audience is looking for, you can focus your blog posts around those topics.

You next need to find a set of products you can become an affiliate for that meet the interests and demands of your audience. The easiest way to do that is to go to Google and type in your topic… say Ice Skating and add the term Affiliate after it.

Odds are you will find more than one affiliate program on most any topic you can imagine. If you don’t, it’s a pretty good clue that your topic is not a profitable one, in which case you should move on to another topic. Another key way of judging whether a topic is profitable is to do a search on Google for your major keyword. If there aren’t any or many Google ads for the item, the odds are that your efforts will fall flat. Save yourself time and grief and move on to another niche.

Most profitable bloggers are also list builders. You want to find or create a free report you can offer to people who come to your blog that will be of interest to your visitors and make it possible for them to get it free, just for joining your email list.

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