Vivo v21E Features and Specs of the Latest Phone

With the new age smartphones gaining popularity day by day, it is quite common to get confused over which one to go for. To make things easy, Vivo itself offers several smart phones like the Vivo Acid, Vivo Crizal, Vivo Impulse, etc. All these phones have been designed to offer maximum user convenience and at the same time they are quite capable of rendering great performance. However, there can be no denying that the Crizal and Impulse are perhaps the most interesting smart phones being launched in the markets. Let us see why they are so different from the other Vivo V21e.

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The two smartphones from the two main manufacturers, Vivo and Samsung, have very similar features. They are both powered with the latest quad-core processors from Samsung and also come loaded with Adreno series. To ensure smooth performance with no lag, Vivo has already provided an Adreno 615 GPU and an Octa Core (2.3 Ghz, Kryo) MSM processor set up on the smartphone. The smartphone gets an effective 4000 mah li-polymer battery backed by a Corrosion-proof back plate. There are also various tools bundled in the smartphone to help in the enjoyment of the mobile experience.

While the Crizal has the exact same hardware as the flagship Vivo acid, the pricing of the two smartphones is different. On the contrary, the Samsung is offering the priced flagship with higher pixel density and higher battery capacity. There have been rumors about the possibility of the company introducing a mid-ranger model after the release of the V 21E. In this case, the company would be able to answer the demand for another mid-budget smartphone with all the advanced features of the existing high-end models. The mid-budget smartphone could easily compete with the iPhone and Nokia’s E71.

The dual imaging sensor on the rear of the Vivo v21E allows it to capture images in low light, so it is ideal for taking photos in dim places. The rear camera can also handle manual mode for increasing the level of image capture. It also incorporates optical image stabilization for ensuring the picture quality. For those who love taking pictures outdoors, the camera has an inbuilt image stabilization for capturing outdoor scenes.

Since the Vivo v 21E offers a four megapixel primary camera setup, it could accommodate a large number of users when the need arises. However, users could get an advantage when opting for an action packed or sports oriented handset with the ability to enlarge the memory of the device. The handset could handle up to two hundred and fifty photos and two hundred and twenty videos. This is possible thanks to the card reader incorporated into the Vivo v 21E. The card reader can store data such as the latest email and text messages, contacts, calendar items and the date and time of each event.

The body of the Vivo v 21E is made from ballistic nylon and is covered with a finger print resistant rubbery soft leather material. The entire device is covered with a Gorilla glass screen protector, which is capable of withstanding accidental smudges and finger prints for a long period of time. This would leave enough space for the touch display to be placed comfortably at an ergonomic height.

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