MBA Recommendation Letter Sample Topics

Recommendation letters are the most overlooked and neglected part of most applicants’ MBA application MBA . The recommendation letter MBA sample is a chance to provide a outside objective opinion of your accomplishments and character, and more importantly, allows you one more opportunity to address any potential weaknesses in your overall application story.

Since most schools do not impose a word limit on the letters of recommendation, you should take advantage by stressing the need for detailed letter chocked-full of concrete examples that illustrate the traits that you need to convey to the admissions committee.

The recommendation letter MBA sample deserves at least as much as the rest of your application. Most MBA applications have strict word limits on essays, and you have precious few words to create a comprehensive and compelling story to win over the admissions committee. The recommendations are one aspect of the application without a word limit, so care must be given to ensure you make the most of this valuable opportunity.

Keep your overall application story in mind. I’m assuming you’ve got an overall application strategy, right!?! Use this opportunity to incorporate a few interesting stories that highlight specific traits to round out your applications. The recommendation letter MBA sample is a fantastic opportunity to fit in a few concrete examples of your character. Stress to your recommender the need to provide detailed, specific examples of both your work accomplishments and your character.

Use this opportunity to tell a story about yourself that doesn’t necessarily fit neatly into a 500 word limit essay. I often receive feedback from clients that a letter longer than a page is too much and that the admissions committee will not read it all, but this could not be further from the truth. The recommendation letters normally do not have a word limit, so more is usually better. A good, detailed letter of recommendation with concrete examples can be 4-5 pages. Make sure your recommender knows this by providing a recommendation letter MBA sample as a guide

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