Tips and Tricks for Making an Essay Longer.

A college paper should include a length essay. It shows that you have read and understood the prompts for the size of your essay. This also shows that your writing is well thought out and executed. It’s important to ensure that your final draft is not less than a page or word count.

It can be overwhelming to think of ways to make your essay longer. You can get a longer, better essay by using these easy tricks!

How to make a paper last longer
How to make your paper longer You can make your essay appear longer by using larger fonts and wider margins. But that won’t fool your professor. You can make your paper shorter with our tips and you will get the minimum in no time.

Tip #1: Use examples.

If you are looking for ways to lengthen your essay, you need to first look at what you have claimed. Look back at the claims you made and identify the ideas. Did you provide examples to support your ideas? You might want to do some research that backs up your claims. This will not only strengthen your arguments but also lengthen your paper.

If you claim that UFOs are real, you can include an example of an eyewitness sighting or a reference to a documentary. Multiple examples are a good idea for every idea. You will impress your professor by supporting claims and will write longer.

Tip #2: To transition ideas, use phrases/words.

Using transition words is a natural way to increase length. You can easily jump between ideas while gently bringing your readers along. You can also increase the length of your text with them! It’s a win-win situation.
Tip #3: Reverse outlining.

It’s exactly what it sounds. Once you have finished writing your paper, you can go back and review it to create an outline. This will help you organize pages in a way that is more understandable to others reading your work. It can also highlight areas where you need to improve.

You can make your writing longer if you think you have clarified something.

You might want to break up paragraphs that present more than one idea into smaller paragraphs. This will allow you to explain the ideas better.

Tip #4: Go over your prompt. Again.

Your prompt has probably been read a million times by now. However, if you are having trouble reading a long text, reread the prompt. Think about it: Did you answer all the questions that your professor asked? Did you support them with convincing language? Make sure that you meet all requirements. You should add more information to your document if you haven’t.

Tip #5: Use expert quotes.

Quotes take up more space. You should not rely on quotations from others writers for your paper. However, it is acceptable to add some spice to your work by using quotes from experts. This is a good way to increase the word count and to show that other writers understand your ideas. Use proper formatting to cite and quote sources.

Tip #6 – Format your paragraphs.

Each paragraph should be formatted correctly. Every paragraph should contain a topic sentence and supporting evidence or argument. You can create sentences to fill in the gaps if you have paragraphs that are not following this format.

Tip #7 – Use more words

It’s a similar suggestion to “just use more words or phrases!” but we are serious. Take a look at what you have done. There are clever ways to use multiple words instead of one.

Use “to be” verbs. Do not say “I eat quickly.” Write “I am a quick-eater.”
Be more descriptive. Do not say, “We had fun at fair.” Instead, use the phrase “My friend and me went to fair this weekend.” We had so much fun on the Ferris wheel, and enjoyed funnel cakes.
Transform verbs into nouns “I came to the conclusion that …” was longer than …”.”


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